Nursery Care

Supervised nursery care is available during the entire service for children under 3 years of age. A variety of age appropriate toys and books are available, along with Christian centered videos to keep little ones happy and busy during the church service under the care of Nena Galbraith, Kim Sherer, Marion Sherer and other volunteers.

Children's Sermon

During our morning worship we usually have a Children's Moment. This is a time where the children are invited to come to the front of the church and listen to a special message prepared just for them.

Junior Church

Prior to the sermon, the children are dismissed to go downstairs where they have a special church time just for them while the adults listen to the sermon and the rest of the worship service. Junior Church is available for children from ages 2-3 through third grade.

Sunday School

After the morning worship service, the children are invited to stay in age-appropriate Sunday School classes. We have an entire series of classes to grow with the children as they get older led by the following Sunday School teachers:

 There is an opening before Sunday School classes where there is singing, prayer requests, along with birthdays and Thumbs Up.